Thursday, 7 December 2017

French "rockeur" legend Johnny Hallyday dies...

Fats Domino, Johnny Halliday, Ray Sugar Robinson (1962)

Click HERE to read an article from The Guardian!

Questions on the article from The Guardian:
  1. What is “the tragedy of Johnny Hallyday”?
  2. Why should he “have sung Piaf, not Presley”?
  3. What does “purveyor of pastiche” mean?
  4. Why was he “mercilessly teased by French satirists and despised by the many tribes of French intellectuals, both of the right and the left”?
  5. Are there aspects of American culture that French intellectuals do admire (why)?
  6. Do you agree he was “one of the most remarkable of all rock stars”?
  7. In what way is he “a symbol of French cultural resistance”?
  8. Do you, like De Gaulle, condemn him as a fifth columnist for “American cultural imperialism”?
  9. Do you agree “France is a grown-up country that does not have to rely on US missiles or US pop stars”?
  10. Why is France so afraid of cultural colonisation by the US do you think?