Thursday, 9 November 2017

Costco comes to France...


Answer the following questions on the Atlantic article:
  1. Why do the French like Jerry Lewis, Burger King and "anything très Brooklyn" do you think?
  2. Why do the French like less Uber, Netflix and Skippy peanut butter do you think?
  3. Was Le Parisien pleased Costco opened its first warehouse in France recently?
  4. Do you think Doug Stephens is right?
  5. How different from a North American Costco is the one in Paris?
  6. What kind of people shop at the Paris Costco?
  7. In what ways is French life "segregated"?
  8. Why is the Paris Costco so popular do you think?
  9. Would you shop at the French Costco (why/not)?
  10. Will Costco open more warehouse stores in France do you think (why/not)?

List the reasons for and against the following proposal:

The French state should limit the number of foreign retail stores and restaurants in France.