The course on globalization makes use of the following textbook: Terminale, Classes Européennes, History Geography, Hatier (chapter 6, pages 70 to 83).

The course consists of ten hours of class + work at home.

First, at home, you read (and take notes on) the relevant blog post BEFORE a class. Click on the titles below: 
  1. Globalization, a world of difference?
  2. Spreading the European model to Asia
  3. Map: a globalized world
  4. Flows, circulation and connections on a global scale
  5. Costco comes to France
  6. Globalisation, a vulnerable process creating economic growth
  7. The new Asian powers in the globalization process
  8. Inequalities caused by globalization, the forgotten countries
  9. How to boost employment, productivity and growth...
  10. Why is the WTO being contested?
Second, in class, you listen to a lecture and take notes (the teacher will summarise and comment the information from a blog post, then help you understand and analyse the documents from chapter 6 of your Hatier textbook).

Third, you revise the course contents, ready for the Bac exam!

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